FiMi offer a range of fragrances – here is a list of those available:


A luxurious fragrance opens with top notes of sweet mandarin and orange oils richly spiced with a warming blend of cinnamon, clove and anise, indulged with a base of sweet balsams, pine resin and creamy vanilla.

Top note Citrus, mandarin, orange
Middle note Aromatic, spice, cinnamon, clove, anise
Base note Sweet balsams, pine, woods, vanilla, musk


Bright and zesty citrus orange, bergamot, pomelo & pink grapefruit mingles with a beautiful floral heart of neroli blossoms, geranium and petitgrain layered with a rich earthy patchouli accord in the base.

Top note Citrus, grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lemon
Middle Pomelo, neroli blossoms, geranium, petitigrain
Base note Patchouli


A richly decadent fig, delightfully aromatic and green fresh Mediterranean fig leaves are enriched with a sumptuous fruity heart notes of fruity fig and cassis, mellowing to base notes of fresh cedar wood, amber & vanilla.

Top note Citrus, orange
Middle note green, aromatic, fig leaf, fruity, cassis, fig
Base note Cedar, woods, amber, vanilla, musk


A traditional bouquet of rich velvety red roses and heady floral peonies twisted with a hint of violet flowers, a heart boosted with geranium leaves, aromatic and fresh is underpinned with a gentle spice in the base.

Top note Green
Middle note Rose, peony, violet, geranium
Base note Cinnamon, clove, woods, musk

Please refer to the following link for all safety information regarding each of our fragrances – safety